Lecturer, Research Affiliate, Dept. of Anthropology, MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts
PhD in Geography, Clark University, Worcester, Massachusetts
BA in Anthropology & Geography, Macalester College, St. Paul, Minnesota 

With one foot in human geography and the other in cultural anthropology, I explore how social and environmental change intersects with processes of economic and political development.  I am particularly interested in learning about places experiencing rapid change to understand how people make sense of, embody, and engage with conditions of uncertainty and transformation.  I draw on a range of conceptual and methodological approaches that cross disciplinary boundaries, and especially enjoy collaborative research, writing, and learning. 

Many of the topics that inspire me emerge from my work in Mongolia, where I have been visiting, studying, and living for various stretches of time since 2003.  I have had the opportunity to travel throughout the country and participate in different projects and activities.  Recently, I have focused on examining the evolution and impacts of Mongolia's 2010-2012 mining boom and its current afterlife.  I am currently writing a book that grapples with the kinds of bodies, politics, and environments that have come into being through the sharp rhythms of boom and bust in Mongolia's extractive economy.

I value sharing my research with diverse audiences, and have given presentations to elementary and secondary school students, artists, organizations, travel groups, and policy-makers.  I have also served as an expert witness for human rights asylum cases.

I can be contacted by email at lbonilla@mit.edu

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